Services Provided



Yera utilizes a combination of progressive resistive exercise, therapeutic pain education and manual therapy as is necessary with her clients to properly address their impairments and restore function. She incorporates her background in strength and conditioning to create a program for her clients which is effective and sustainable for injury prevention.

  • Acute/chronic low back and neck pain, overuse injuries, rotator cuff injuries, post-operative care, ligamentous injuries, return-to-sport and more.


Yera provides a thorough neurological, vestibular and ocular assessment to find underlying impairments and create a directed treatment program which may incorporate positional maneuvers, gaze stabilization, habitation or balance training.

  • BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), vestibular hypofunction (unilateral or bilateral), vestibular neuritis, cervicogenic dizziness, age-related balance changes, visual vertigo symptoms.




Yera conducts a thorough evaluation of a patient who has experienced a concussion to assess whether his/her symptoms are related to a physiologic, vestibulo-ocular, migraine, affective or cervicogenic etiology. A treatment program is then created to address the appropriate impairments and comprehensive education is given to the patient to promote healing and return to function.